Disposable face masks

The most effective protection against harmful substances and bacteria in the air you can use, are disposable face masks. We therefore think it is important that the face masks are made of reliable quality and that they are used in a careful way.

The supplier has been producing face masks for more than 10 years. The company employs highly experienced employees who can guarantee the highest quality for the products under strict hygiene guidelines. For example, everyone works in a coverall, wears protective masks and gloves in the factory.

The face masks that are produced here are of very good quality and consist of 3 layers. GTT has produced a test report that shows that the face masks filter up to 98% of the harmful substances and bacteria from the air. The filtering effect is created by the middle layer: Meltblown.

The face mask protects against harmful substances for at least 3 hours. We therefore recommend to dispose and replace the mask after 3 hours. When taking off the mask, be careful not to touch the mask itself.Take the mask off by the strings and dispose it directly in the trash. Before putting on the new face mask, make sure to wash your hands well.

We also discourage the use these masks for children under 3 years old. At this age, their lungs are not developed enough to breathe properly through the filtering material. We also advise against wearing face masks for people with breathing problems.

We sell the boxes per 50 pieces. The size of a box is 21 x 12 x 12 centimeters.

1 box / 50 pieces = €0,65 per piece

5 boxes / 250 pieces = €0,55 per piece

10 boxes / 1000 pieces = €0,50 per piece

Cotton Face Masks

These 2-layer face masks can be washed at 60 degrees Celsius and are made of 100% cotton. The face masks can be attached to the ears with the elastic bands.

100% cotton face masks with unique design.

These cotton face masks are very suitable for repeated use, because the 100% cotton fabric is very easy to wash. In addition to being very environmentally friendly, these  face masks are also fashionable.

In conjunction with a disposable face mask or other filtering material, this is also very suitable as a protection against harmful substances in the air. Without a filter, the face mask mainly serves as protection for the people around you. Wash the mask in a laundry bag at 60 degrees Celsius and then iron on the back, so the mask stays beautiful longer!

Read more about this on the Mask Matters product information page.

Sport masks

These face masks are specially made for sports. Due to the design with an adjustable nose clip and velcro behind the head, the mask has a very good fit.

The anti-pollution fabric is made of nylon, which offers excellent permeability. This lightweight air mask is comfortable, breathable and wonderful to wear in both cold and warm weather.

The (non-medical) face mask filters chemicals, pollen, smoke and particles from the air. It is excellent for painting, mowing, woodworking, running, cycling, hiking, skiing and other outdoor activities.

The double one-way valves facilitate easy removal of heat and oxygen for smooth breathing. It is also comfortable when using glasses, because it does not fog up.

The mask can be used for more than 2 years, we recommend changing the filter after 2-4 days.